Pedro i Sebastià Bennasar When the love for a job fills up every moment in a lifetime and manages to transmit the same feeling from generation to generation, then craftsmen’s tradition comes to life. By 1882 Mestre Pere Bennasar offered his life and hands to the sea by building “llaüts”, which are boats that have kept the same soul and shape since the Phoenician age.

Pere’s son Sebastian, who was born in the workshop, kept alive the shipbuilder spirit in bad times. Now Sebastian, the founder’s great-grandson, preserves the enterprise of building unique pieces with the mastery of a century of experience: four generations of shipbuilders. Construcciones Navales Bennasar, the oldest nautical company in Majorca, leaves its stamp, know-how and devotion to the profession in every boat.

Pedro Bennasar The experience inherited and the balanced actions of the company have lead to a constant and natural evolution; Construcciones Navales Bennasar has finally become a modern partnership in boat manufacturing.

Construcciones Navales Bennasar has been able to adapt itself to the modern times and to the consumers’ demand creating boats of quality with the newest forms, with more powerful engines and with new materials.

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