Construcciones Navales Bennasar has some modern and functional facilities endowed with precise machinery and tools for supplying efficiency and professionalism.

Given its traditional nature, Construcciones Navales Bennasar produces unique pieces whose finish is up to the taste of every master. But quality and service are more than mere creation. In Astilleros Bennasar you will find skilled people in boat restoration and maintenance.

Since 1882 and in the craftsmen’s way, the Bennasars have been loyal to the llaüt philosophy. This boat that was originally created as a work tool but, at the present, it has become a high-valued leisure object with a clear sports vocation.

The stability, power and speed of the llaüt is the perfect solution for those who long for a delightful, safe, quite and comfortable sea journey. Without forgiving the ancient tradition of the llaüt as a fishing boat, many fishermen in the Balearic coast rely on the experience of Astilleros Bennsar. Professionalism and service, together with a friendly and trusty treat, is the secret of Construcciones Navales Bennasar.

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